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Junooniyatt 13th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update

The Episode starts with Ilahi telling about her friend Husna’s sister’s Sangeet ceremony going on. The guy and groom’s sides compete in the Jugalbandi competition. She thinks how to go there. She introduces her Biji and Lucky, her Bua’s son. Husna says we won’t lose, I have a magical wand. Lucky signs Ilahi to go. Ilahi says my family restricts me from singing. Ilahi asks where are Bua and Phupaji. He says they have gone on a scooter. Ilahi gets ready and runs on the terrace. Husna says someone call Ilahi, don’t know she will come or not. Ilahi runs across the roofs of neighbors. She plays with the kids and dances. She comes in the function and smiles. Husna says Ilahi. Ilahi sings the Boliyaan. She dances. Husna says she is Amarjeet’s daughter. The ladies ask is she Diljot’s daughter, Diljot had run away. Husna says you sing so well, I love you, sing aunty ji’s song. Ilahi recalls her mum’s song. She cries. Ilahi sings Fayda ni kya hona… She sees the bride and recalls her mum. Husna asks what happened, come. The lady says her voice is so lovely, the guy who marries her will be lucky. The other lady says her mum is shameless, she ran away with her love, she would be shameless too. Bua and her husband Happy stop hearing Ilahi’s song. She says I will not leave Ilahi today.

Bua goes and calls out Ilahi. Ilahi says Bua ji. Husna says go, I will see. She asks Bua to listen. Bua looks for Ilahi. Ilahi thinks Ginni Bua lives with us since childhood, if Biji knows then what shall I do. She hides. Husna says Ilahi isn’t here, you leave, let us enjoy. Bua says fine, if I don’t find her home, then I will see you also. She goes. Husna asks Ilahi to run. Ilahi goes back to her home by the rooftop way. She sees Bua ji reaching. She takes shortcuts. Lucky sees Ilahi coming. He tries to help. He stops Ginni. Ginni goes inside the house. She wakes up Biji. Ilahi climbs the window. Ginni says Ilahi is following her mum’s footsteps, she was singing at Husna’s place in sangeet. Biji says but she is upstairs. Bua and Biji go upstairs and check Ilahi’s room. Bua says she isn’t here. Ilahi calls out Biji. She asks did you wake up, I was coming to ask you, if you will have tea, I was just cleaning the dust. Ginni says I heard her singing, ask Happy ji. Happy says yes, she was singing. Ilahi says no, I didn’t go anywhere, Biji do you think I will go to Husna’s house in this state. Biji asks are you saying the truth. Ilahi says yes, I m busy in cleaning since morning. Ginni says she is lying. Ilahi asks when did you hear me singing, tell me. She hides the shoe and bag. She sits on the bed. Biji says I would have snatched her voice if she had sung. Ilahi says I didn’t sing. Biji says never sing, don’t even think of singing.

She says you were sensible, you remember what happened in your childhood, music ruined my house, your mum ruined our respect. Ginni says get her married. Ilahi says no, I have to study well. Someone asks them to handle Amardeep, he is drunk. Ginni asks Ilahi to go and get her dad. Ilahi asks her not to say anything to her dad. Jordan is seen singing at a music show. Ilahi runs to find her dad. She thinks we also had happiness in our house. Amardeep sits singing. She thinks dad used to sing so well, people liked his music. The people laugh on Amar. Ilahi thinks my mum Diljot had a good voice, she wanted to become a big singer, dad promised her that he will make her a big singer, he fell short of money, my mum lost and went away with my younger sister Sirat, dad couldn’t handle himself. Ilahi sings. She asks him to sing.

They see Jordan singing on the road. Police comes there to stop Jordan. The people run away hearing the siren. Jordan says nobody can catch me. He drives his jeep. Amar says those days are gone when music meant love and worship. In Vancouver, Canada, Jahaan is seen walking on the roads and doing poetry. He sings a Punjabi song. He wishes happy anniversary to mum and dad. Ilahi gets Amar home. Amar says nobody should know that I still sing, Biji will become Chandi devi. Ilahi says I will get my mum back at any cost. Jordan sees the police following. Biji scolds Amar. Ilahi asks Amar to have food. Biji asks Amar to look at his daughter, who will marry her. Ginni says everyone will say that her mum ran away and her dad is a drunkard. Amar says don’t say anything to my daughter. Ilahi takes him. The man asks how long will your music play in others’ love stories. Jahaan says till I m alive, I have just one dream, to get the lost respect back for my mum and dad. Ilahi asks Amar to have food. He says nothing will get fine. He cries. Ilahi says we can’t sing, but we can hear songs. She plays the radio. They eat food. They hear about the music contest, the great Indian voice. Jordan hears this and stops the jeep. Police reaches there. Jahaan also gets the competition pamphlet. Amar says this is the first ladder to your dreams, go for it. Ilahi smiles. Inspector says I caught you now. Jordan says you will salute me, I will win this competition. Ilahi says music is my God, this God will make me meet my mum. Jordan says music is my passion. Jahaan says when love crosses limits, then a man gets apart from everyone, when passion crosses limits, then a man becomes God. Ilahi smiles seeing the firecrackers.

The episode ends

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