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Junooniyat 14th February 2023 Written Episode Written Update

Today’s Junooniyat 14th February 2023 episode starts with the police inspector insulting Jordan for making noise in the residential area while Jordan tells him that if the inspector even touches him, his mother will scratch him.

Hearing Jordan, the inspector gets angry and brings his belt to hit him, however, before he can Jordan’s mother holds his hand in mid-air which leaves a scratch mark on his wrist.

The inspector’s demeanor changes as he learns about Jordan’s mother and family.

Jordan gets bailed out while Jordan’s mother asks Jordan’s elder brother, Varun, to take care of things as she doesn’t want their father, Inder Mehta to know about this news.

Meanwhile, Ilahi’s little brother (cousin), Lucky, tells her that he will take his parents and Biji to Gurduwara in the morning and at that time she can practice for the competition.

Ilahi becomes happy while Lucky goes and tells his parents that he has decided that they will go to Gurdwara every morning.

On the other hand, in Canada, Jahaan throws a party for his parents to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.

His mother Dolly and father Mandeep descend the stairs together while Jahan starts singing a song dedicated to them.

Jahaan’s aunt (Mami) makes a face seeing the happy faces of his parents.

Everybody has been enjoying it when a lady named Pooja comes complaining about the pipeline of the toilet being blocked and asks to call a plumber.

The sudden interruption ruins the party and Jahaan’s aunt says that they have the plumber among them, indicating Jahaan’s father.

The happy faces turn sad due to the humiliation while Jahaan feels pained seeing his father leaving the party to clean a toilet pipeline.

Jahaan’s aunt deliberately pushes the trolly table having the cake atop it which leads to the cake falling down on the floor.

She then asks Dolly to clean the floor which has turned dirty due to the cake.

Jahaan leaves there as he could not take it more and sees his father in the toilet working which hurts him more.

Further on, Jahan’s parents sit in the dining area in the kitchen and Jahan brings them the Parantha cake which he made for them.

Jahaan says that for a real Punjabi, no cake can suffice for the Parantha cake which he made.

They cut the cake while Jahaan waits for his mother to talk to his father about the competition.

Dolly brings up the topic which makes Jahan’s father happy but the moment she tells him that the competition is held in Punjab, his father refuses firmly with no arguments.

Meanwhile, Ilahi brings out Diljot’s harmonium to practice singing for the competition.

She starts with the holy hymn which is sung in the Gurudwaras.

In Canada, Jahaan is also singing the same hymn in a Gurudwara where he has gone with his parents.

All the devotees praise Jahaan’s singing as it touches them in their hearts.

Meanwhile, Dolly talks to Jahaan’s father to convince him to let Jahaan go to Punjab.

His father tells Dolly that he also wants his son to fulfil his dreams which failed to do in his time but she also knows the reason why he can’t let Jahan go to Punjab.

Both of them remember the night when Dolly was pregnant with Jahaan and they had to come to Canada in haste as Jahaan’s father was accused of something but he was hopeful that his close ones will call him back once the matter is resolved.

Unfortunately, that never happened and they had to live with Dolly’s brothers where they get no respect at all.

Elsewhere, Jordan’s grandmother wards off the evil eyes on him as Jordan sleeps but he wakes up hearing the sounds.

Seeing his grandmother and grandfather in his room who are joking and flirting, Jordan whines while they remind him of the night scene.

His grandmother prays that Inder may not get to know about the incident.

At the same time, Varun comes there with an office bag, to whom the grandfather says that he should be getting ready for his Roka ceremony instead.

Jordan’s sister also comes there asking him all the weird questions about his visit to the police station while he shuts her up and she threatens to reveal his secret to Inder.

However, the said has already been done as Inder sees the news on his mobile while working out and shouts for Jordan.

Meanwhile, Ilahi waits for Lucky’s message to see if Biji is coming back or not, however, Lucky’s mobile doesn’t work and he fails to inform.

Ilahi starts practicing again, not knowing that Biji has reached home and heard the neighbors talking about her singing so well.

Biji goes up the terrace with an angry expression on her face as she catches Ilahi red-handed singing the songs.

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