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Junooniyat 15th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update

Amar applies the ointment to Ilahi’s hands. Lucky holds ears. She signs no. Biji says Ilahi has burnt her hand. She asks Amar to go. She sits to apply the ointment. She complains about her mum. She says I just asked you to stay away from music, it ruined our house. Mahi says you have fulfilled your dream with Varun, he is handling your business, but I have seen a dream for my Jordy, he will become the biggest singer in the world. Ginni says Biji, I m worried for you, you may get an attack, she wants to go to college. Amar says you mean she shouldn’t study. Happy says no, she can sit at home and study, she can give exams from open university. Biji says fine then. Ginni asks Happy to get the forms. They leave. Ilahi cries and asks how will my dream get fulfilled. Mehta shows the arrest news and asks will your dream get fulfilled this way. She says I will write Jordan’s fate, he will become the biggest superstar one day, there is no one to give him competition.

Jahaan works in the Gurudwara. A man gets the cheque and gives it to Jahaan. Jahaan sees the cheque. The man says its your right, its like an scholarship to support youngsters’ talent, you want to go to India for this competition, bless you. Jahaan says I have to take training for this contest. Biji takes the form. Ilahi insists and asks her to let her attend college. Biji asks why, you want to go there and sing, your habits are like your mom, you also want freedom like her, if I don’t control you, then you will also become like her. Ilahi cries. She goes and makes a video for her mum. She says I make videos for you every day to show you when you come back, sorry, I don’t want you to see me crying, Biji asked me not to go to college, how shall I convince her. Jahaan calls his trainer. He says I have to change the path, destination is same, I have to meet music trainer. Ilahi meets her namesake brother Dharmender and asks for his help.

Varun’s engagement function begins. Jordan comes downstairs. He recalls his dad’s words. Dada ji compliments and pulls his leg. Mehta praises Varun and Noor. He says you know Jordan, its his last year in college, then he will handle business with us. Jordan looks at him. The man says I heard he sings songs. Mehta says no, he doesn’t do anything that wastes time. Mahi says we shall start the rasam. Jahaan says I got scholarship from Gurudwara, I will go to Punjab and win. Dolly gets glad. Neetu Mami comes and scolds them. Bobby Mama counts his favors.

Jahaan says we know everything, you make my mum and dad work for free, I will win this contest and earn money, I will pay your money back. Mama asks him to do a decent job. Varun lies to Mehta. His fiancée says I will work after marriage. He then asks his fiancée to relax, once marriage happens, they will see. Jordan recalls Mehta’s words. He changes and comes downstairs. He sings Sadda haq…. Mehta gets angry. Mahi stops him. Mehta takes him aside. He says until the function ends, don’t show your face. Mahi asks what’s your problem. He says you and your son. He asks Varun to go back to his Roka. Jordan says sorry, its my passion to touch the sky, my inspiration and my biggest strength is with me. Mahi nods. Jordan leaves.

Jahaan is leaving. Baljeet says I will miss you. Jahaan says you wanted me to fulfil my dreams. Baljeet says yes, but I m scared of losing you. Jahaan says I promise, I will come back and return you everything that you lost. He hugs Baljeet. He asks them to take care. He leaves in the taxi. Junooniyat….plays…

Dharmender fools Biji about an alliance. He praises the guy. Ilahi gets tea for him. Dharmender says its imp to educate girls. Ilahi says but Minty is studying through open univ. He says yes, so the alliance broke, we have to give big dowry if the girl doesn’t study from any good univ. He jokes on Happy.

Dharmender asks are you making Ilahi study by open univ. Ilahi says yes. Biji says no, she is going to Chandigarh univ. Ilahi thanks Dharmender. He leaves. Biji says I agreed for your college for good proposals, you shouldn’t talk to any guy or sing. Ilahi promises. Biji says your mum broke our heart, you don’t do. Ilahi says no way.

She says I wanted this chance, I will go to college and get time to practice, I will win the contest, and get mum and Sirat home.

The episode ends

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