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Junooniyat 16th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update

The Episode starts with Jahaan playing the guitar. He writes some poetry. He gets his mum’s call. She asks how are you, I m missing you. He says fit and fine. Baljeet asks how are you, son. He says I have your blessings. She asks did you find a good hotel. He says I m living in a good hotel. He sees the Gurudwara. He says I m not getting inspiration to make a song. She says its fine, sometimes, we get inspiration when time comes, maybe you find it in Punjab. Ilahi gets ready.

She makes a video for her mum. She says I convinced Biji, its my first day of college, I will get you and Sirat back, I will win this contest at any cost. Amar asks her to have curd and sugar. He says all the best. Jordan is leaving. Biji asks him to have some food. He refuses. She says don’t get angry, have food. Jahaan prays. Amar says study hard, whenever you get a chance, sing well, smile and go. Ilahi smiles. Dadi says you will get whatever is written in your fate. Jordan says one has to make fate. Ilahi sees Biji. Biji asks did Amar feed you curd and sugar. Ilahi says yes. Biji wards off her bad sight. Jordan, Ilahi and Jahaan are on the way. They see the music competition banner, and smile.

Ilahi makes a video of her college. Her friend calls her out. Jahaan comes there. He shows the college to Dolly and says this is my fate. Dolly sees Ilahi. He says I will call you later. Bobby asks Dolly who will pay the party bill. Baljeet says but Jahaan cleared the bill. Neetu says you ordered the sweetdish, the cake fell by my hand, you are blaming me. Dolly says I didn’t mean that. Dolly gets scolded by her brothers Bobby and Jolly. They criticize Jahaan.

Ilahi says I m putting Dharmender’s PG posters. Jahaan asks her about the orientation class. She says straight and right. He hears the sound of her bangles and stops. He makes a tune. She leaves. Wo achanak…plays… He follows her.

He doesn’t see her and leaves. The girl says the class is here. Ilahi asks what’s there then. The girl says ladies washroom. Ilahi says I told the guy about the way. Jahaan enters the washroom. The girls see him and joke. He says sorry, I came by mistake.

They catch him. He blushes. He says I came by mistake, sorry, I should go. They say we have welcomed you with love, will you go this way. He does a SRK pose and sings. They all smile. He says that girl looked innocent by her voice, maybe her face was of a Chudail. Jordan sings a rap.

Mahi says when my Jordy sings, I feel he is fulfilling my dream. Principal says right, he is very good. She says best. Jordan sees Ilahi. The girl asks Ilahi to see who is singing. Ilahi says no, its not my type of music. Mahi says Jordan should win this competition. Principal says he will win. Mahi says there is no one to compete with him. Ilahi says I will win. She goes to ask about orientation class. She asks an old man and then helps him. The man asks her to hold the rope for some time. Ilahi’s friend praises her big heart. She goes. Jordan comes and asks what did you say, you will win the competition, I will win. She leaves the rope. He comes and holds the rope. He gets stunned seeing her.

She says you will win if you are more talented than me, I doubt it. He says overconfidence. She says no, faith. He says then we shall have a competition. He sings a rap. The students come there and look on. Ilahi sings Tere bin. Jordan stops singing. He drops the chandelier down. It breaks. They see everyone there. Ilahi leaves. She says we will end the orientation, then I have to see the music room. Jahaan recalls Ilahi and writes the song.

The paper falls down. Ilahi gets the paper. He looks down. She reads the song lyrics. She smiles. He plays the mouth organ. Ilahi runs to see him. Her friend asks what happened. Ilahi asks did you hear that music. Her friend asks did you find a handsome guy. Ilahi says no, he was playing harmonica. Jahaan goes. Jordan sees Ilahi. Ilahi looks on. Jordan says we should meet the freshers, its special, we will perform together. The guys perform. Ilahi tries to sign Jahaan. He has put headphones on. Ilahi holds Jahaan’s hand. Jordan looks on.
Jahaan says Chudail. She asks what. Jordan talks to Jahaan and calls him daring. He asks Jahaan to perform. Jahaan says I will sing a song. Jordan says go for it. Jahaan gets the mouth organ from his pocket. Jordan says sing from your heart, with love by coming on his level. Jahaan recalls his parents’ insult. He says I will sing anything, but not bend down.

Precap: Jordan and Jahaan argue. Jordan catches him and scolds. They get into a fight.

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Telecast Date: 16 Feb 2023

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