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Junooniyat 18th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update

The Episode starts with Jordan and Jahaan arguing. Jordan takes his diary. Jahaan gets angry. Ilahi thinks his diary is imp. Jordan says you won’t get your diary. A professor asks what’s happening. Jordan says just a meeting, what else. Ilahi makes Jordan’s friend fall and gets the diary from him. Jahaan comes in between. Jordan stares at Jahaan. Tashan mein….plays… Jordan holds his collar and taunts on his status. Jahaan taunts him back. They argue. Jordan raises hand. Jahaan holds his hand. Jordan sees Mahi there. He leaves Jahaan and hugs him. He says we just started meeting, see you. His friend asks did you leave him. Jordan says I won’t leave him, don’t worry, I will make him bow down in front of the entire college. Jahaan gets the diary from Ilahi and goes. She says he didn’t even thank, he is so rude.

She goes after him. Her friend asks her to stop. Biji looks at the clock. Amar comes home. He says I will help. She scolds him. She says I care for you and Ilahi, stop drinking alcohol, who will marry her. Mahi sees Jordan and Ilahi’s singing video. Principal says what a voice and talent, wow. Biji says I have sent Ilahi to college to get a good alliance, I won’t wait for three years, music is in Ilahi’s veins. Mahi says she is good, but I don’t care, no one can compete with my Jordan. Principal says its okay. Mahi sees Ilahi. Biji says I won’t let Ilahi ruin her life, she has to marry the guy I want.

Ilahi comes to Jahaan and says you forgot something. He checks his bag and says no. She says you forgot something, basic manners, good habits, thank you, you forgot to say thanks, you should say sorry also, rich spoilt guys are such. Jahaan says I m not that, how did you think so, I m a decent, middle class and down to earth guy. She says I m middle class and sensible. He jokes. They argue.

He says sorry, spare me. She says fine, forgiven. He goes. Ustad ji comes to the college. Mahi says I m glad to see you, college’s new year is starting. Principal says many students applied for music courses. Mahi says music competition are also there. Ustad ji says we will encourage the talented students and groom them, one who worship music will reach the destination. Jahaan says they all ruined my mood. He plays the harmonica. Ilahi’s friend asks what did that angry young man say. Ilahi hears the music and goes to see. Jahaan hears about Ustad ji and runs to him. Ilahi doesn’t see Jahaan.

Jordan stops Jahaan. Ilahi looks on. Jordan’s friend fires a cracker towards Jahaan. Jahaan bends down and gets saved. Jordan smiles. He says I get whatever I want, by hook or crook, I told you, I will make you bow down, that’s me, Jordan. Jahaan says I didn’t bow down to you, but in front of baba ji. Jordan sees the Gurudwara there.

Jordan gets angry. Ustad ji leaves. Husna says the guys are nice. Ilahi says I don’t want Biji to make me leave college. Principal asks Jordan about firing crackers on the college’s first day. Jordan says so what, we were having fun, what’s so serious. Jahaan introduces himself. He says my aim is to focus on studies. Jordan asks him to stay happy, he would look good. Jahaan says I stay happy until nobody interferes in my space.

Jordan says you should have taken admission in NASA, this is Punjab, there is no limit or boundaries here. Principal says relax boys, there is everything in Punjab. Jordan jokes on Jahaan.

Pooja taunts Dolly. Jolly says Mintu is coming here, he will stay here. Pooja says he is my nephew, he will stay in basement, where you had been living. Baljeet asks where would we go. Jolly says we can’t help now. dolly asks where will we go, we will sleep in hall, we will adjust. Pooja says its not a dharamshala. Baljeet says we will go when Jahaan comes back. Jolly says I will call Jahaan. Dolly says no, he is already worried. He says we are also worried. She cries.

Jordan says he wanted to meet Ustad ji, we will make him meet Ustad ji, lets see his passion. Jahaan sends the audio message to Dolly. Jordan’s friends make Jahaan hear them. They praise Ustad ji’s music room. Jahaan asks where is the music room. They hide him. He goes. Shweta calls Jordan and says Jahaan went to music room. He says good news. Husna says its so much fun. Ilahi asks why does wrong happen with me. Husna says nothing wrong, you had an argument with two handsome guys. Ilahi says my aim is to win the music competition, and get mum and Sirat home. She prays for her mum.

Ilahi prays to win the competition. Jahaan thinks stay focussed. Jordan does shayari. He sees Jahaan coming.

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Telecast Date: 18 Feb 2023

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